Looking for a Travel Firewall/Router

So I'm traveling soon and would like to secure my connection as much as I can. I have a VPN but I've heard even that isn't that secure. Has anyone had any luck with travel routers and do you know if any router will make me more secure or do I need to look into a router/Firewall combo thing. I'm not super savy on the network side of stuff but I want to learn


You don't need to use an external firewall, especially if you're the only user, just use the firewall on your device. But it really depends on what you want to protect yourself against. If you connect to any network you don't control then you should at the very least have your firewall turned on but a VPN is also very important as anyone on that network could be looking at your traffic. This is true especially for wireless networks but also applies to wired networks, although it isn't as easy.


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To basically echo @Dexter_Kane. Use your VPN when connected. You should be fine with the firewall on the device you're using for local protection. Most public/hotel wifi solutions have segregation of wireless/wired clients so they cant talk to eachother, so that mostly leaves MITM. When you're not using your phone/laptop/whatever, turn off your wireless. The most secure connection you can have is no connection at all. Use ethernet where you can.

Wow my first post up on this forum and the experience is amazing. Ill do as you guys suggested. Ill just make sure my VPN and Firewall are working properly. You guys are amazing thanks!

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