Looking for a Tablet - Does this one sound interesting? ./linux

Currently I am looking for a new tablet, on the cheap. I found this neat chinese one
Chuwi Hibook Pro for $186 and with a 2560x1600 display, keyboard/trackpad, intel atom, micro hdmi,
It even has a bios, at which you can boot off usb and install your own OS

since windows and android suck the life out of low end devices I was thinking of the possibilities of installing linux on this thing.

I am interested in your opinion if you have any knowlege or reccomendations in this idea...

i3 would work wonders on this, xfce or gnome would also be cool... gnome being more touch friendly

Could I use the windows key for my desktop???

You need to do a lot of homework regarding driver support. Might work out of the box, might need a lot of tinkering, migh be unusable with other flavours of linux(android) than the factory one.

yes ive been researching it and a couple of forums have mentioned audio not working (specifically on LinuxMint) and the battery status is unvisible..

still looks damn good for the price, and seeing that there's not many new tablets debuted this year could be a nice option

kali or tails
talking me up like

If you want something to tinker with then yes, if you want a functional tablet then no.

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