Looking for a suitable 4K monitor!

Hey guys, so I've recently purchased a 980 TI, and I thought it's time for me to upgrade to a 4K monitor since it's a waste of horsepower using the card to power my PB248Q. So, I've been looking. I came up with a few options, but a lot of them came out nearly a year ago at the earliest (except for Asus PB279Q), so I just wanted your suggestions since I want a new panel, not something like Asus PB287Q, although you can still try to sell it to me if the other options are not-so-good.

Also, here are a few things worth mentioning:
- TN or IPS, I really don't mind the panel type, since I'll be using it for both productivity and gaming as long as the latency is not over the top (I'll also use my PB248Q as a second monitor).
- I don't want to go well over $600 USD.
- I'm looking for 27-28 inch monitors, but I'll also consider 32" ones, even though I think it's huge for my liking.
- I don't mind if it's from Dreamseller, or Asus, I just want something reliable. I looked into Crossover 289K, and I liked it, yet I'm still not sure about the overall experience since Barnacules had major problems with the seller about his 32" panels.
- I'll be using Displayport, but I don't mind using HDMI 2.0.
- I'm not obsessed with Refresh Rates of the panel, but 30Hz is still a no-no for me.

These are the things I can remember off the top of my head, but please feel free to make suggestions.
Thanks guys, have a good day!

Well possibly best option, 4K IPS 27" Free-sync under $500


G-sync ones start at $850 for 4k IPS displays

and then either hope nvidia cares about freedom sometime, or return it for a Nano

Otherwise check out the 32" 4k display wendell just reviewed, or one of the various 40" 4k displays they've reviewed

Thanks for your reply!

I couldn't find any reviews for the LG 27MU67-B, so I'm not sure if I should give it a go(?)
For the Acer one, I've had my eyes on it for a while now, but I wanna keep that aside for a second and look into cheaper options as I don't know if I want to drop that much money on a monitor as of this moment.
I watched Wendell's review. It looks great, and I'm pretty sure it's the larger version of 289K that I've found. 324K's bezel is identical to that of 289K, so I guess it actually is the same. Do you know if I were to have problems out of the box, the seller is kind enough to take action? After seeing Barnacules' comments, I still am not sure whether the seller is reliable or not.

So what country then?

My 1440p kroean display is fine, I mean mostly it is a gamble, as like new ones, nicely packaged and all that from a big company are naturally going to cost more, but have proper warranties in place and such for things like dead pixels.

First off, sorry for the late response!

I live in the US.

Hmm. I get it. It'd be a gamble, but I'd be getting a nice and possibly defect-free 4k monitor for a fraction of the cost? I'll dig into it a little bit more. Thank you!

I would suggest that you steer clear of 28" 4k monitors. The ppi is just too high to be useful. Even with scaling, the UI in-game doesn't scale in most (ie basically every) game, so if you set it to 4k, you won't be able to read things very easily. I talked to someone who had been using a 28" 4k monitor and that is what he said. 32" imo is the sweet spot. Increased ppi for better clarity in game and low enough ppi that you don't absolutely need scaling (you can still scale things if you like, but it won't prevent you from being able to use things that don't scale well such as in-game text and the like). My opinion on that is strong enough that as soon as I became aware of the 324k, I ordered one. Should be here in a week or so. I could try to find that thread where I talked to the guy who had a 28" 4k monitor if you like, and I can try to remember to post my impressions of the 324k here after I get it, if you are interested.

Exactly your point about the sweet spot @1920_1080p_1280_720p, I desperately wanted the 32 inch Crossover panel but sadly the Korean team will only ship to the US which is a pain... but, every cloud etc....

So, today, I ordered the new A409U 40" unit for that increased screen estate.

Hope to get a unit as good as is written about on here and will upload my thoughts in due course.

At a little over $600 US am very happy (and now expectant)...

Awesome guys, thanks so much. I almost bought the 289K before reading this. I watched the 324K video, as I said, and I now am watching the 289K Hardware channel has just uploaded! I, again, appreciate the detailed insight, y'all. Have a good night!

If I can throw in my two cents here, in my experience, buying these off-brand Korean monitors on eBay is not a super risky proposition. You just have to have different expectations from buying products from AAA sellers in North America. You should expect that there will be a dead pixel or two, or some minor flaw with the backlight, because that is why these panels are so cheap in the first place, and the sellers are very up-front about this. You should expect to have to return the panel once or even twice if you encounter major flaws, because that happens not infrequently. Or, you should expect to pay more for "pixel perfect" models. A few lucky individuals do get absolutely perfect samples on the first go-round, but these seem to be the exception, and if you go in expecting that, you will likely be disappointed. Buying a cheap Korean monitor through eBay, from a seller with essentially no QA pipeline, assembled by fly-by-night manufacturers, is not like buying a premium monitor from a big chain store with investors and oversight.

I think that Barnacules was expecting perfection on the first try, and he needed those monitors to work immediately, so he was disappointed. These are normal expectations for buying a AAA monitor from Best Buy, but not for a B+ monitor from eBay. He presented his issues as "major problems," but I and many people with experience shopping this way would call them "a normal part of the process." If you know this going in, and you go in with the expectation that you may have to live with a minor flaw or do some back-and-forth with the seller, you'll be just fine. If you need perfection, and you need it now, then that's why you buy AAA.

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Yeah, I agree @shoring_fragments these panels 'are what they are'... great spec monitors, some potential minor flaws and of course the right price for most of us. Shame the big players are so slow to drive into the larger panel market with a paired down basic 4K's under the $1k mark. I love the fact that these manufacturers are stirring the pot a bit and hopefully might help the market overall (which tends to happen anyway as tech becomes more widely adopted - just look at the affordability of 4K TV's over the last 2 years!).

On the large size of panel (39" and up) I'm sure a few dead pixel 'should' be manageable or at least less intrusive in most day to day use and I'm sure the guys at Dream-Sellers will do all they can to release the best panels possible. And, as already said, they are second grade panels in the most part so out of the box perfection is just... well, lucky.

Hope to report on mine in the next week or so as they have already despatched yesterday (Thursday 28th Jan 2016).

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