Looking for a Sleek case

Well Im in the market for a new case, Im sick of looking at my Cooler Master CM 690 II I bought it because It looked cool and now I just hate it, between the ugly fake mesh look on the front, and cheesy feel of it.


Im looking for something Sleek and not over done with LED lighting, needs to be black because my father smokes and white would yellow up I think if it doesn't yellow then Ill go white.

Must be able to fit a 7970

Don't really have a budget willing to spend on something nice.


ATX, I suppose.

Fractal Design is known for sleek and minimalistic looks. Their new Arc Midi R2 is something to take a look at.

Also Corsair Carbide Series & Bitfenix Ghost

The Cooltek Antiphon is a good budget choice if you're in Europe (I'm not sure how easily they're found in the states)

Fractal Design R4

Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 (coming soon, I am so excited about this case :D)

Corsair 500R

Those IMO are the best sleek looking mid tower case with great features and reasonable price.

If you want a full tower case, I recommend the NZXT Switch 810 or the new Fractal Design XL R2