Looking for a robust external wifi antenna

I have an RV and would like to connect to the various public wifi spots I come across. I would like to install a robust external wifi antenna to my rig and then share that connection across my wired devices. I have been achieving this using Windows 10 and a decent wifi and ethernet nic but am curious as to what the better more permanent solutions are. I was thinking something like a Yagi but would like the feedback from the community on how to achieve what i want. Also. Should I bridge, I am trying to avoid strict NAT conditions so that I can play games? Should I create my own dhcp server or get my addresses from the public subnet. Thanks.

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Maybe it’s my selection of locations but park WiFi, ugh… They’re typically the worst sources of Internet I can find. The latency is terrible and you have no control over their firewall and NAT configuration.

That said, robust antennas are expensive because they’re well made. I have two Wilson marine antennas on my RV, one for cellular, one for WiFi, they’re both omnidirectional. They’re made from fiberglass and stainless steel instead of plastic and zinc.

Wineguard also makes an RV WiFi system designed to act as a repeater for park WiFi.

My antenna is setup to broadcast my own network, which is tapped into a dual SIM router, with service on both Verizon and AT&T networks. If I’m someplace where neither network can reach, then there are far better things to do than play or work on the computer.

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