Looking for a reliable, secure VPN

Recently I've been looking for a new VPN, and (Especially with recent news about security problems with some VPN's) I've been lost on what to go with. I know Tek syndicate used to endorse private internet access and i tried them out but i had some problems with it disconnecting frequently. I would like to know what VPN's other people are using and how they like them. Thank you.

It might help to list which VPNs you've tried so far to rule those out and any that you've heard have potential security issues. I'm not very informed about VPNs, so I probably wont be able to help much, but I know a lot of folks are pretty knowledgeable, so hopefully they can help. I believe the TS folks have mentioned viper VPN in the past, but I have no idea what its benefits are.

Using AirVPN, been working great. Some servers seem unresponsive every now and then like with most VPN services I've used but changing the server takes 2 seconds so it doesn't bother me. Speed has been great too.

I've only tried PIA.

I use torguard and they've been pretty good. I've also heard that purevpn is good but I haven't tried them.

A heads up to ThoughtfulOmega and anyone looking at browser VPNs. Stay clear of any vpns that are extensions or strictly for browser related purposes. So no add-ons or extensions with-in Ex. Google Chrome app store.
Edit: I may be confused on VPN vs. Proxys but I will check up on that.

I'm in my second year with PIA. Paid in bitcoin. No major issues so far.