Looking for a redonkulous case

so im looking at getting a cooler master haf 935, but newegg says it wont be out till the end of november. is there another case out there that will allow me to put in 3 7970s, 64 gb of ram and about 17 and a half hdds for around $150? also my current rig had some leds and i had to unplug them, got annoying so something with out a spot light would be great lol

ps for all those without a sense of humor, im exaggerating for the most part, but i do want something with a ton of space that will allow me to upgrade/install anything i might want in the future.


about $440 over my budget lol

oh yeah lol


thats really nice and probably all i would need, but id still would like to go balls to the wall, i saw a few builds on youtube, and only thing i didnt like was that the water radiator kinda took up too much space. if anyone could recommend something a bit bigger for not too much more money i would appreciate it. if not im going to try to be patient and wait for the cooler masters stacker one, but most likely ill just break down and buy this case in a week or so lol

hitting your budget wall now.

I mean you could still probably hide a couple of bodies in there couldn't you?