Looking for a potential upgrade

I have an old Gigabyte HD6850 that has a little trouble these days. I have done a few fan "repairs" (Re-oiling the bearings) but its a little old and I think its time to pass it on to the potential HTPC build :)


I mostly play in 720p (but thats a limitation I have put into place so it doesn't melt), and I have an old i5 2500 (not K - I will be upgrading soon as well) and I have 12Gb (?) of ram.


I know that a 780ti or a 290x is an "upgrade" but I don't wanna go silly with it. I don't have triple monitor at 1080p (yet lol).


So what do you guys think?

An R9 280X is probably perfect, it is a good price and will perform well when you decide to upgrade to 1080p

Thanks Kiaxa, I'll do some looking.. I hate having SO MUCH choice when it comes to computer building :(

What's your budget so we know where to start?


No budget, but I'm kinda not willing to spend $800+ (780ti) on a single part in my PC.


Unfortunatly even the cheapest 780 is $530 + Postage for me here in Australia, which is possible for me to save for and I might even go with.


A MSI Gaming is $600 So i Might go with that. I was only looking for ideas and what people thought :)