Looking for a pair of wireless headphones

I have been looking for a pair of headphones or earbuds to mostly use at the gym, but also if i travel and to go to the library.

I have bought a "Jam Transit" that I think I will return. I notice a light static when they are playing and it stops if it is paused for a few seconds. The noise is noticeable when I am listening to talking like in a podcast, and it seems to make music a little dull. I don't know if all Bluetooth headphones have that buzz. Also the side with the buttons on it is louder than the other.

I am hoping you people might be able to give me some suggestions. I was hoping to get wireless one if possible for the convenience at the gym. I am looking for something that is closed/noise isolating. I don't think I need active noise canceling. I do not need a lot of base, but I would like somewhat even and clear sound. For the money i would want them to last a few years. It would be nice if it were comfortable enough to wear for more than an hour, or maybe be able to buy pads to put on it.

I originally was going for something less than $100, but I have moved the budget up to $300.

I am also wondering if buying them used would be ok, or would they not last that long.

I take it you mean bluetooth headphones for like your phone?

Yea. That is what I mean.

Well, you can either check amazon for cheap bluetooth heaphones, or possibly go with one of these

I got a 7 dollar pair that work just fine, though they were a bit small for my head

A more balanced list, starts with ones that are 80