Looking for a nice case for my new TV / gaming / streaming PC

I want to build a new PC to do some couch gaming. I was thinking of using the R9 Fuxy X closed loop cooled together with an old Bulldozer CP I have bopping around (with another closed loop cooler).

Now I realize that the case won't be that small, but maybe you can help me find a case with a reasonable WAF. :D

It really depends on what kind of case you are looking for. If your looking for a HTPC case, which is what the title hints at, then I would suggest one of the silverstone cases. If your looking for a desktop design, then I suggest define R5.

Cheers! I really am looking for something closer to a HTPC. I'll check out what I can order from my country. The Grandia does look nice.

I've been thinking of staying with my ATX board, though I might get a refresh. Simply to upgrade to real USB3 ports. Though I'm not sure going miniITX is going to help me much with the grills on the closed loop watercooling kits. I'd still need two spots for 80 mm (or so) fans.

I'll check out the channel though, thanks!. :)

The problem with the horizontal HTPC cases like the Silverstone Grandia and Fractal Node 605 is that airflow sucks in them, no pun intended.

To get air directly into the fan of the GPU there's a grand total of one fan that can do that, and that fan just so happens to be directly next to the power supply. So if you have a bunch of cables, that fan is going to be blowing directly into them.

Further, if you have a long GPU it will essentially create two air chambers in the case, one around the CPU and one around the PCI slots. Very little air will be able to transfer between the two sections because of the slab of fiberglass and copper being in the way. Things can get HOT if using higher TDP components.

Third, the motherboard is wedged pretty close to fans on the side of the case. I know that in the Node 605 there is zero chance of using any form of watercooling using the two fan mounts by the CPU, and in the Grandia it appears to be only plausible with slim fans and/or radiators.

A Bulldozer CPU and a Fury X is a bad idea in a regular HTPC case like the Grandia or Node 605.

You're actually highlighting a problem I've had with most smaller cases. This is also one of the reasons I've been thinking about getting a new mainboard. To have more control on landscaping within the case. However when I get a new mainboard I might as well get another CPU, then I might just as well start from scratch.

Custom liquid cooling is also an option, but I see WAF drastically lowering at that point. I think I can get away with a case that is either small or useable as a small (quiet) table next to the TV. It seems I'll have to do some more research.

One of the cube shaped cases might work. Something like the Corsair Air 540, CM HAF XB, Thermaltake Core X5, or CaseLabs Bullet? They support ATX motherboards, but the have air blowing in from the front unlike HTPC cases.

I second the Air series cases for HTPC. Also look at the fractal design nano S.

Thanks all. I need to go to work with my measuring tape. :D