Looking for a nice cable modem

So my dad has finally decided to upgrade the internet in our house now that AT&T is insisting on charging $40/month for shitty service (3Mbps down/0.5 Mbps up). We're switching to Comcast, and we'll be getting 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up for $30/month.

The only thing is we're trying to find a decent cable modem that supports coaxial cable. I don't really know anything about cable modems other than just looking at their maximum download and upload speeds but my dad thinks he's found a good one. Here's the link:


Is that a good modem or is there something better you guys would recommend?


Ask comcast for a docsys 3 modem, they have them and they rawk, as well they are able to take the speeds of up to 100 megabits or better. docsys2 modems not so much


Why would we get a modem from Comcast? They'll charge an extra monthly fee for using their modem when we could just buy our own.

Im gonna bump this because I have the same question. I do not want to rent

It looks like we're going with the one my dad found. It should be good enough because it's capable of a lot more bandwidth than we're going to be getting, and it's a docsys 3.