Looking for a new RPG

I have played all Bioware, all Besthesda, Divnity 2, The Witcher 1 and 2, Risen, Gothic 1-4, Kingdom of Amalur, and the Dues Exes. I want a new one and I really cannot seem to find anyhting that grabs my attention. Two World 2, Mount and Blade, and Risen 2 just do not seem to be interesting. Should I give them a chance? What would you all reccomend? I do not like hack and slash type RPGs. I really prefer Silent protaganists, that I get to create, like Dragon's Age Origins. Different Races are always good. I will enjoy a game with a vioce protaganist but not my prefered RPG I like to think it is me when I play them. Thanks in advance. 

If you're willing to forgive sloppy buggy gameplay (which may or may not have been patched since I played), Alpha Protocal has a decent story to it. It's one of those games that had a lot of potential, but was poorly executed. Probably not what you're looking for though.