Looking for a new phone

Well, its soon time to part with the old iPhone 4s. I'm stuck between the LG G3, 2014 Moto X and Nexus 6. Help would be appreciated, other recommendations are welcome, thanks.

PS. I'm stuck on Verizon, don't ask...

For Verizon, you are going to be stuck to phones that they offer, that means no OnePlus One. What size phone do you want? Android vs iOS? Storage? MicroSD?

Definitely an android phone, would like MicroSD but I can live without it. As for size I think 5.2-5.5 is around the max. As for the battery the Nexus 6 and LG G3 compared to the Moto X is really appealing.

Nexus 6 could be cool if it is anything like the 5 you can do a ton with it. Nexus Devices have an app called multi-rom wich allow for dual boots for various roms and versions of linux. It is very easy (I assume this won't change) to root a  Nexus device so that opens up a huge land of possibilities. And not having to deal with bloat is always great.

Before getting a LG phone, you should look into the things they make you agree to use the phone, I heard they pretty much want to look at everything you do in the phone.

Yeah I am really now considering the Nexus 6 or Moto X because the size difference between the 6 and G3 is not much and I do love rooting and modding android. Also because my nexus 7 is slowing down but was great to customize and such. Thanks all for the feed back. I will look into the LG agreements Sorsdivjus. 

I think what you are looking for is an HTC One M8

Just went to at&t and best buy to see a demo model of the nexus 6, nope.

droid turbo then, and why are you stuck with verizon.

I've heard the Turbo is a very good phone. Admittedly, I haven't done much research on it, but on first glance it seems fairly solid. Minus the pre-loaded business that Verizon puts on.

I'd look into the Droid Turbo. Best phone out currently.

I have a G3. Definitely good for modding, good size and decent camera.

The Droid Turbo is definitely something to look at with the best battery size and great display.

If you can wait until around March/April, that would probably be best because phones with Snapdragon 810 processors will be out, and those will perform 80% better than the snapdragon 801, and 30% better then snapdragon 805. Plus, a lot more phones will be out with 1440p displays such as the samsung S6 and HTC m9. 

However, if you can't wait, I recommend the DROID Turbo, nexus 6 and note 4. I'd personally go for the droid turbo.

Wow, haven't checked the thread for a while, thanks for the feed back, might or might not wait for the 810 phones.

I have a LG G2 and I rooted and unlocked the bootloader the day I got it lol.  I am now running CM 11 4.4.4 and I am loving it so far it was a free phone with the contract.  As far as specs go it is almost top of the line still snapdragon 800 2gb ram 5.2in ips 1080p screen.  If you don't want to mess around with it go for the moto x imo.  But the G2 and G3 running CM11 have really good battery life as they have quite large batteries.  I also considered the HTC one m8 and I still think its a solid option and If I remember right it is easy to unlock and flash.

Get a G3, root it and install either CloudyG3 or CM11/12

Awesome phone

Ya on verizon this is probably the best route.  I did this with a G2 running cm11.  I like the moto x and nexus, but the battery is not as good as the G2 or G3 when running a non bloated rom.