Looking for a new music player for PC (legally Blind)

well sadly I am currently using winamp for my music on my computer as well as my phone. Currently I have switched to power amp for android and my god is it so much better! I have seen Logans new video showing Foobar2000 but I am concerned about the skins and everything. As someone who is legally blind and has a membrane lare print keyboard I would like a program that works with my eyes properly. I am wondering if it is possible to zoom in the exsisting screen.


Thanks in advanced, 


in windows 7 there is a magnifiying tool that you can select 3 options to have Full screen magnification, a docked window, or to have a small glass follow your mouse, its in the Accessibility options

If you are able to work out the accessiblity options, foobar works great. And I wouldn't worry too much about skinning. Out of the box, upon installation you're given a few layout options that work well. I got sick of winamp crashing when importing media and since have switched to foobar. So far it's quickly become my favorite media player I've used yet.

already am aware of his and sometime use it