Looking for a new mouse

Looking for a new mouse to upgrade from a g5 that I've probably had for close to 7 years (we've been through a lot).  Looking to keep it pretty simple though, I don't really like gimmicky peripherals something like the Sensei Raw or a Zowie mouse. I was seriously looking at a Zowie EC2 but they are discontinued and go for quite a bit on ebay.   I would prefer a black mouse with a non glossy surface without a ton of buttons, prefer laser over optical but are open to both.

Well, if you liked your G5, then the G500s would be a natural choice.  It's basically just an improved version of the G5/G500.  I just got one myself, and after using a G5 for quite a while (I had a G500, but it developed the double click issue so I went back to my old G5) it's a nice step up.  Just feels better in the hand and has a better layout (same as the G500).  My only "complaint" is that I liked the wheel on my G500 better.  It's mostly the same, but the G500 wheel just felt a little more solid/smooth when in free spin mode.  Small gripe though.

A G500 would suit you as you are most likely very used to your G5.

I can vouch for the Zowie mice. Get the Ec1 eVo if you have larger hands or the Ec2 eVo if you have small ones. The eVo series is not discontinued btw. and you can probably get them for 60 bucks. For ambidextrous mice they have the FK or the AM, all of them use the same sensor which is really accurate and reliable. They work completely driverless and should be what you are looking for.

I can recommend the corsair M65. The quality is great, not to many buttons and it feels really good. the software is completly optional, you don't get disc, but you can download it on corsair.com. I downloaded it but I don't really use it :D

Steel series rival if you have big hands and plan to palm grip your mouse.