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Looking for a new laptop


im wondering if a “new” labtop exists with a vga connector decent i7 4770k ? a cd drive and a ethernet port with a half way decent gpu im thinking gtx mobile 870 ? and its a 1080p 15 inch display ?

i really just dont want to carry around adaptors for my next labtop. and i cant find something so any ideas
preferably new but used and out of production is ok too price eh below 1500 ? any ideas ?


Nothing new will use an old desktop CPU in a laptop form factor.

And by VGA do you mean the connector? Nothing made new supports this port, except for servers. Everything has gone the HDMI route.

If your budget is $1500 then there’s a lot of options. I’m thinking of Leno Thinkpads, but I’m not sure which ones specifically would suit you. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on them can tell you more.


new , and the super fish thing scared me from ever buying any Leno products again, so eh?
and yes the port , i fucking hate carrying dongles( i lose them all the time ) , i work with stuff in a lets for privacy reasons that’s running legacy stuff and might be in a education environment and also a work environment . so yea


To my knowledge, nothing ships with VGA anymore. So a dongle will be needed to deal with this legacy port.

As far as superfish goes, yes I sympathise with you there. But it only affected those who ran windows, and only the non-professional varients of their laptops.

Edit: seems like its not an issue anymore.

Only exists, or so they say, on devices from 2014-2015.


There are dongle cable ties, basically they attach to a dongle and to a cable, so you can leave them next to whatever you need that doesn’t support HDMI.

VGA is also interesting in that manufacturers have started removing the circuitry required for it… so you might need to consider getting a USB connected external GPU for such situations. (Those suck I know, but old laptops suck more).


First action on any budget´ish PC should probably be to just reinstall Windows without even looking at it. Then the fishies are gone for sure. Not exactly fun trying to uninstall preloaded bloat.

There are some notebook from System76 for instance that come with VGA as well ( But they don´t come with a Windows license, since they come preinstalled with Linux if you want/need Windows you gotta get a License Key seperately.


windows key have so eh but good idea thanks


here what i had before it died and it was great had no problems

clevo P150HM

now surface pro 3 i5 its a computer (dual core pos)




yes will edit sorry laptop
also no vga port on the asus


You would use a dongle for the mini-displayport -> VGA.

  • Look at Fujitsu stuff. They still put some legacy ports on their new PC’s.

  • Look at business laptops, as they have legacy ports in them.

I also believe the VAIO line of computers is coming to the states, that PC also has a VGA I believe.

EDIT: The VAIO S is the only laptop they sell, it comes with VGA but no dedicated GPU. It has NVME, and an Ethernet port.


If you are fine with looking on the brand new side of things, Dell Latitude 5580 or 5591 has some decent models with processors that are pretty much in par with desktop CPU performance.


thank you


I would assume you got something you wanted?


nope just looking for ideas still .


I think you’re looking for something like this?

I have this exact laptop. (but pimped out with SSD, more ram and liquid metal for better cooling) It has VGA, HDMI, 4 USB ports (2x USB 2.0 and 2x 3.0) as well as an SD card slot and headphone&mic jack. Of course you should never pay the advertised price (I paid $999 CAD for this back in 2014)


to big looking for 15 inch or smaller but thanks for the suggestion


what I linked is the canadian site because dell does that auto geo-location stuff.

But those procs are almost desktop equivalents and the laptop has a VGA port.


well thank you i appreciate your advise .