Looking for a New Keyboard

Well as the title states, I'm looking for a new keyboard. I currently have a Ducky Shine 3 with Cherry MX Reds, but it's just not for me. My preference would be to have Cherry MX Blue or Brown Switches on a well built keyboard. I really like blues, but how are they for gaming? Also one problem I've had with my Ducky is that the LED's are burning out really fast. I really like the WASD Code, however I look forward to seeing what you all suggest. Thanks for the help everyone.

Must Haves

  • Sturdy construction as seen with brand like Ducky and WASD

  • Cherry MX Blues or Browns

  • Blue or White LED's

do you have any preference for size?

My first keyboard was the Ducky Shine 2 with MX browns and I loved the weight of the switches. Since then, I've bought a Poker2 and Pok3r both with MX browns. The browns IMO have the best compromise between a gaming keyboard and typing/coding. The Pokers both have a plate mounted PCB which gives a very solid feel when typing and in terms of quality I'd say they are at or above the quality seen in my Ducky. Both Poker models can be modded (very easy to do, even with limited soldering experience) with whatever color LED's you would want (or pay a bit more for LED models). However, the Pok3r's LED terminals are labeled backwards so you would need to keep that in mind when modding. Other boards with plate mounted PCBs will have a very similar feel (quality wise) if you are looking for other features.

@SpecialCuddles I would prefer 104-105 key, sorry about that.

@Crob I'll look into the poker 3, thanks for the suggestion.

I have a Ducky Shine Zero - Cherry Browns with Orange LEDs, it's pretty nice. However, I later upgraded to the Corsair K70 with Cherry Blues and red LEDs. The K70 is great for gaming and typing alike - It's also built like a tank haha.
I would recommend getting some O-Ring dampeners for Cherry Blue switches though as they are quite clicky/noisy.

Something like the CM Storm QuickFire XTi which has both red and blue LED customisation might be more up your alley.

The Quickfire looks like a nice keyboard, but I have a question. Are the keys doubleshot ABS?

CMStorm Quickfire XTi has Cherry MX Blue switch option and almost blue or white LEDs, I hear good things about then but never used one. Keys are not doubleshot.

CMStorm Trigger Z has Cherry MX Blue switches with blue LEDs, a more gamer aesthetic but still fairly plain no too outlandish.

Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Z Forged (Blue Switch Edition) these are all Khail switches so that is up to you but I don't hear terribly things about them, they were only feared because they were unprven initially but seem fine now, but I have never used them. Blue switch, blue LED, aluminium construction.


Tt eSPORTS POSEDON Z Smart Blue switch, blue LEDs, Smart featues like stat tracking, read you self to find out.

Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Z standard keyboard, nothing fancy other then blue switches and blue LEDs.

Ducky Shine Zero straight forward no messing around Cherry MX Blue switches and blue LEDs.

EDITS: Doubleshot Backlight PBT if you want to replace with excellent caps https://www.massdrop.com/buy/vortex-backlit-doubleshot-pbt-keycaps?mode=guest_open

WASD Code is running on Massdrop too right now https://www.massdrop.com/buy/code-keyboard-cherry-mx-blues?mode=guest_open

I'd personally get a WASD PBT. Or WASD barebones and a PBT keycap set from elsewhere, like massdrop.

@Zibob I like the clean look on the shine zero. Do you know if it has the same issue with LED's burning out on the shine 3? Also thanks for the Massdrop link to the code.

@Dissentient I've look at the WASD non-code editions, but the lack of LED lighting is a deal breaker for me. Although you seem to prefer PBT, so how does it compare to ABS?

No idea about the LEDs sorry, I don't like LED keyboards for this reason.

Some more

Zalman Z-Machines ZM-K700M

Royal Kludge RK 108 Khail Blue with White LED.

AJAZZ AK47 Cherry Blue with Blue LEDS.

Although you seem to prefer PBT, so how does it compare to ABS?

PBT is harder, so it sounds and feels a bit differently, however, the important part is that it's way more durable. ABS keycaps lose their matte finish within less than a year on most used keys, and become unpleasantly glossy.

That's why I don't recommend anyone to get keyboards with ABS keycaps, you will likely want to replace them.

Also, PBT seems to repel gunk noticeably better than ABS.

I'm personally a backlight hater, so I don't know which backlit models are good.
That being said, sets of backlit PBT keycaps pop up fairly regularly on massdrop, so if you can't find backlit keyboard with PBT keycaps or a backlit barebones, you can get a set of decent keycaps anyway.

That's good to know, I might go ahead and buy the vortex PBT set.

Take a look at https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/index.php even if you don't buy from there they have a good selection to check out.

I can also speak for coolermasters build quality.


I thoroughly enjoy my k70 and the construction is quite good.

I'm actually not a huge fan of Corsairs style when it comes to keyboards. I prefer a nice clean look over the gaming aesthetic, thanks for the suggestion though.

I'm currently using a CM Storm Quickfire rapid with Blue switches and I highly recomend it. Cooler master makes some pretty damn good budget mech keyboards. I am going to be upgrading to the CM Storm Quickfire TK very soon though. I've found that some games do use the num pad and this way I get the best of both worlds also LEDs are cool! They should help with late night gaming if I'm playing something I'm not familiar with. I think that I will like brown switches over blues because they will make less noise but still have the tactile response I've grown fond of.

My only suggestion from personal experience is to not get red switches. I don't like them at all. They're too.. "soft". There's no way to know that I've hit the key unless I bottom it out. I'm sure you could get a feel for it after a while but I much prefer browns/blues and possibly greens though the increase in pressure to use the keys would probably get on my nerves.

Das keyboard professional 4

i have been using my k65 for about 3 months now and the only negative thing i have noticed about it is im starting to feel the lettering on the keys as i type, no major but it is still a bit annoying after a while

Build your own motherfucker.

This is all you need (I don't think I missed anything) but there is lots of other good alternatives to this stuff, this is just something I threw together as an example.

I'm lazy and didn't read any of the comments after the OP.

I use a WASD Code for my personal PC, and at work every engineer has one as well, I absolutely love it.