Looking for a new headset

Hey guys and gals!

As my title so subtly suggests I am in the market for a new headset, I've had my Plantronics GameCom 367's for a couple of years now and they've started playing up on me.

So far I've been tossing up between the Siberia v2's and the Corsair vengeance 1500's as they're pretty close in price on the site I'm looking at, if anyone has an opinion on which is better or worse then I'd love to hear it!

Also, if anyone has a different suggestion as to which headset I should get please feel free to say so! My budget is around AU$150 and I'm more than happy to take a look at other options.

Thanks in advance! <(^.^<)

I cant comment on either of those two you listed but I have a pair of these coming soon


As soon as I have them I will let you know how they are. Are you using them strictly for gaming or do you listen to music a lot? 



If you're willing to spend the cash, 

Comfy, True 5.1 Surround, Fairly Sturdy, Good Mic, Dolby DirectBox, and PC/Playstation/XBOX Compatible. I have the AX360 which is the predecessor to this and am planning to upgrade when I get tired of using it, i'll probably clean the old one up and give it to my father. The AX gives you the audio quality of a Turtle Beach Headset but won't crack like an egg after three months of use like. The dolby emulated 5.1 headsets are cheaper but they don't sound nearly as good or give you the spatial awareness the discrete driver models do. NO ONE sneaks up on me without me hearing them coming... It's also good for movies and music.

I don't like the Trittons having personal experience they aren't very comfortable. Surround sound headphones are a gimmic and only serve to reduce driver size and audio quality for a little better situational awareness not worth it. I have had many headsets but by far my favourite pair has been the Siberia V2s they are comfortable have great audio quality with the 50mm drivers and a retractable mic with decent quality. In conclusion Siberia V2s hands down my favourite headset of all time. If you have an urge to go audiophile on this wait until you have some real money and splurge on a headphone w/ amplifier combo and stick a zalman mike on it, if you are looking for unmatched audio quality that is the way to go.

no. I have those. too many software issues....

get the G35's... pretty much the same but wired...

Thanks guys, you've been so helpful! I've taken a look at all of them and the Siberia's seem to be the overall better headphones (the general consensus seems to be that they're awesome for their price range) so I think I'll grab them. I didn't really look a the logitec's cause I've heard they get pretty buggy in the software side of things from many people and the Tritons are a little expensive for me. Foulds28, I'll consider going audiophile next time I'm looking a new headset / microphone and have a little more money to suplurge on things :)