Looking for a new headset/phones,need some good options

Ok i just moved and some how in the move my headphones got damaged the right earcup keeps cutting corresponding to how i move the cord,so i need to look into getting something new i can't afford anything now,but around the first of next month i have a good paycheck,and i should be able to afford something i just don't know how much extra i will have, so if you guys could give me a few good options ranging from 0$-100$ and when that paycheck comes around i will see how much can afford to spend and pick one in that price range.

Also i am using an Asus Xonar DG sound card,so it needs to be 3.5mm and not USB.

thank you guys for the help.

The $64,000 question is do you need mic functionality? Because that is the difference between a headset and a pair of headphones.

Personally, I was looking into the Steel Series 4H series for my "attainable dream build' so to speak...

Well i used to use one all the time but now i barly use one,so no i don't "need" it,but it would be nice to have,but if there is a MUCH better pair of headphones for the same price as a headset,i can get the headphones and buy a clip on mic down the road.

MDR-V6's, outperform near every other headphone for the price, have been an industry standard for years for sound, and build quality. and they're pretty damn sexy.

i will look into those cause my broken headphones is a sony MDR-CD380 that i found in my sisters closet and she said i could have,and they sounded better than my logitech G35 that i have before them.

Ok guys lets try to narrow the options down a little,i want good sound i don't have to have a mic,my sis(who i live with) says they have to be closed,i would pefer velour ear cups but i can deal with something else,i listen to every type of music,i also game and watch movies.

I also want them to be durable cause i keep having problems with headsets lol,the last 5 pairs of head set/phones have broken,i had a logitech clear chat 2 years for 2 years then the part that connects the head band to the ear peice broke,then i got a turtle beach Z1 and it broke in the same spot 2 months later,then i got a cyber snipa 5.1 usb,and it broke in the same place 8 months later,then i got a logitech g35 and the sound will randomly crackle or even cut out,then my sis gave me a pair of sony MD CD380's,and after a move the right ear peice has stopped working lol.

i am still not sure of my budget,i think my check is going to be around $450-$500,and i have a $77 car payment,and it will take $100 for gase for 2 weeks,plus i know my sis will want me to help with buying food.

than you guys for the help.

I've had the Gamecom 780 for a little over 4 months now, Very durable I drop them atleast once or twice a day. 7.1 surround sound. very, very nice audio! I am never going back to stereo!

Its comfortable but it might not suite you because the speakers are in the shape of a square. It comes with a microphone that is really great. Might have to turn it down. The mic also comes pre-muted in the box.

Around $60-$80 depending on where you buy it. I got mine for 60 bucks free shipping and came with Orcs Must Die 2. But yours might be different.

One thing I did break the thing when I sat on it by accident, I put the thing on my chair while I was cleaning my desk and forgot about it and sat on it. It was good until the next day where it broke where it swivles.

I like it. but other people might not. My brother doesn't like the speaker design because he has big ears.

Its very nice headset for the price. Plantronics Released another headset called Gamecom Commander reviewers say that its the same audio as the Gamecom 780 and is less comfortable.

I'd recomend the Gamecom 780 headset but thats me. Not sure what other people would think about it on this forum


EDIT: I read that it can't be a USB. sorry but it is a USB :/ The gamecom commander is a USB and a 3.5mm input so look into that