Looking for a New Desk Chair... (Not sure which category is best for this one.)

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I'm looking for a new desk chair. My current chair is a decent, high(ish) back faux leather office chair purchased from a local office during a craigslist sale. I've enjoyed it for the past ~5 or 6 years; however, much has changed since I purchased this guy.

Quick photo of my work area and chair. My apologies for the mess and velcro everywhere. In the middle of painting and a new cable management scheme. :P As you can see, this chair has been pretty well used..

First off, activity. I'm a programmer / student who generally spends my sessions at my desk for several hours at a time. Not much swiveling is involved as my self-built floating 4-5' desk provides ample viewing space with an eyefinity setup.

Second, general physical issues. I'm a diabetic with several muscular/skeletal problems. None of which are crippling by any means; however, there is severe discomfort even when I'm not considering my sessions at the computer. I have arthritis in all of my major joints due to several years of intense physical labor coupled with the wear-and-tear diabetes can have on these areas of the body, so I tend to be very choosy about my positions, ability to shift, etc.

Third, problems I'm having with my current chair coupled with my desk, activity, and physical issues. I tend to find myself fidgeting - constantly trying to find the "sweet spot" - and moving my arms and legs around to ease pressure. I am always debating between putting my feet up or down, leaning forward or back, arms on the chair itself or desk, etc. etc. I use of those little ergo-pillows for my back; however, it doesn't seem to do much for me anymore, and honestly, I wish I could sit all the way back into my chair and just be comfortable.

So, here's the deal. I would just hugely appreciate any recommendations as far as style, ergonomic, brand, shop, whatever you guys can throw at me. To be honest, outside of craigslist browsing and big box office suppliers, I'm a little green to this area of interior design (if you could call it that). My price range is reasonable; however, I'd LOVE to not have to go over $250 if at all possible.

I appreciate your help, you guys and gals always have great info, so I look forward to hearing your responses. Thanks!