Looking for a new CPU cooler

Hey guys, looking for a great cpu cooler that is at or under 58mm tall. Can not be any bigger, and that is with fan. Right now the only good choices I have are the Noctua NH-L9i and the Silverstone AR06. Are there any better out there than these two? This is for a SFF gaming rig that will be housing a 4970k and a GTX 980ti, and I would like to overclock the CPU, but as long as it can run stock and still hit turbo speeds I will be happy. The case I'm using is a Silvestone RVZ02.

Sorry, I don't, but Frosty Tech has great reviews. You might want to check them out. They also keep a running list of top 5 heatsinks for Intel and AMD, tower and low profile.

I think you pretty much have your options. Interestingly I would think that you could also be able to do the noctua l9x65 (believe that's the model) it's similar to the AR06. Personally I would go AR06, even though I love noctua. Reason being is AR06 is rated for higher TDP 95w vs 65w of l9i

Not space enough for a all in one water cooler?

There is no 120 fan mounts on the case. All intake is done by by the cpu and gpu cooler fans.