Looking for a new card

Hey just looking for a new card for my computer. My older card got damaged when I moved and now I need a new budget card. My spending limit is $300 I am normally an nvidia guy but the new AMD cards look good even though most of them are just rebuilds of old cards. But the new consoles have AMD so I'm thinking that PC ports may look better on AMD cards plus, I feel like I get more bang for my buck with their cards right now. I'm obviously willing to wait till magic BF or cyber Monday to see what kind of deals come around. I'm just looking for your guys opinions.

Have a great day!

I would say the r9 280x is about the best you could get for the money.  Maybe a gtx 770 fi they lower the price on a sale or something.  My friend just picked up an asus directcuII 280x and it performs nearly as well as my asus 780 does!

Yeah that is what I am leaning towards. My only concern is that it looks like there may be a lot of DOAs going around. Thanks for the feedback!