Looking for a music player

I've been using Zune player for the longest time but I'd like to try something different. The big things I'm looking for are:
-Proper sorting by artist with song name, artist, and album all correctly read from the metadata
-Windows toolbar widget (easy play/pause)
-Light enough to open fairly quickly
-Nice interface

Anybody have a favourite? Thanks in advance!

Foobar2000 is the only correct answer.



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There are a couple other tek syndicate videos on it also. This is just the intro one.

Foobar all the way lite easy to use with easy download able add on's to design it hown you want it to be.

Link: http://www.foobar2000.org/

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Give AIMP a try. I'm using it for a long time. It's simple and lighweight. The looks are also changeable with the skins support. Here's the list of features: http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=features

Here's the skin I'm using it with: http://justmango.deviantart.com/art/Metropolitan-for-AIMP3-v1-436323939

Nice and clean.

Everyone on the Foobar2000 train is correct.

The only thing is it might take a little setting up to make it look how you like. After that, golden.

if your after a software player try mixxx

it's not opensource but is cross platform (linux mac and PC) i just use the "auto DJ" to play music if I want the "playlist" features

Pono because Neil says it rules ok. An old man who have spend most of his life in front of a loud PA is probably a good judge of what constitutes great sound.


I'd wager..

I recon so. Yup, um hmmm.

  1. Foobar
  2. Winamp

I had some issues where my keyboard shortcuts would toggle in-game actions with Foobar, so I've resorted to Winamp. Both are great programs.

OMG! I have used winamp for ten years and I just removed it and will use foobar only from now on.

I highly suggest foobar2000. There's a tek video on how to customize it to your liking. After watching that any other play just seems clunky and slow.

Thanks for the responses guys. Foobar it is.

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I'd personally recommend Clementine player, it's a lightweight music player. It also has a phone remote app, so that could definitely be a plus. The only problem with it is that it is lacking in the looks department, but it can be fixed.