Looking for a mouse

Recently another one of my horrible Razer Mice shat the bed. Before I ask any questions just want to tell you guys never buy razer...products don't last long at all and fucking die every 6 months.


Anyway, I've been looking for a new mouse and had some ideas. The Logitech g500 looks great and it is weighted which is something I really need. The weight of a mouse really needs to be perfect for me. If anyone could reccommend any other mouse in that price range (50 bucks) Thanks in advance guys :D

Cyber Snipa Silencer. I have had really solid experiance with that mouse. Adjustable weight, changeable grips, 4 way scrolling and 9 buttons that you can program

logitech g400 and g500

You might want to try both G400 and G500 because G500 can be too heavy even without weights and G400 might be just for you.

I recently built my first computer, and with it got a Steel series sensei raw. It's the first real quality mouse I've used, but seems great to me. It is very light, so probably not right for you, but it's nice and simple, and currently at a great price on PC Case Gear (I'm assuming your from Australia?). Might be worth a look if you want to save some money. Again though, it is quite light.


Don't buy razer now. They used to be awesome. I still have a working Diamondback (the original) and there's 2-3 more people like me on teksyndicate alone. Unfortunately the cable is dying out after 7 years, but still works.

I came from diamondback to Steel series Kana which is even lighter and smaller than sensei (I bought it for simplicity and it is similar to the diamondback in accuracy and grip)

Minox do a nice range

Thanks everyone for the advice I ended up buying the g500 for the weight.. Needs to be heavy so Im excited...razer now is just a dissapointment...THe keyboard I bought, broke within a year, and the Razer Deathadder and the Vespula mouse matt sucks. The mouse mat just decintagrated. The mouse itself doesnt have teflon under it so the knobs under bottom just came right off. total shit. The razer Blackwidow keyboard was great until it started to double type letters. Anyway enough of the ANTI-razer crap thanks everyone for the recommendations.

I had a Steel Series Sensei Fnatic and I loved it! I gave it up to a friend and got a Logitech G600 about 7 months ago, though, and can safely saf the G600 is my preferred mouse. I'm a Logitech man, for now, at least.