Looking for a motherboard!

Hey guys,

I'm currently looking for a motherboard for my new Corsair 350d build, I'm going for a black and white colour scheme.

I'm having trouble finding a motherboard to fit this category, as it basically needs to be all black, socket 1155 and also micro-atx.

The only one I've found that would be a good option is the ASRock Z77M Extreme 4, but as it is pretty cheap ($105AU) I was wondering if there would be a better option (price doesn't matter) as I can't seem to find one?



The Extreme4 is a very good mobo. Do you mind telling us where you will buy the parts?

https://www.pccasegear.com - the Extreme4 is the only one on there that will do the job, but as I said the price doesn't matter so I can buy internationally.

well  wenn you want a mobo all black m-atx and socket 1155, then you dont have much more choice then the Extreme 4M i guess ☺

The reason why this board is so cheap has something to do with the powerphase design, it has only a 4+2 and probably not the best vrm´s, so you will probably get very limited wenn you want to go on overclocking.

If black/red theme is also okay with you then the Asrock Fatality Z77 Professional-M with 8+3 powerphase would be a better choice.

Or the Asus Maximus V Gene M-atx. <--- thats me personal favorite. but its blackred!

Grtz Angel ☺