Looking for a motherboard for Xeon 8124M

Hi everyone,

I happened to get a fairly good deal on two Xeon 8124M processors. When I saw that, it got me thinking of a new build which I’m trying to put together.

I want to run a dual cpu setup with these processors, and was trying to find a motherboard to run them in.

One board I was quite interested in was the Asus WS C621E Sage. I like that it has ample PCIe ports, and all around looks like a pretty good board. I also like that it supports over clocking the base clock.

My only concern is the TDP of this board is 205w and the TDP of this model of Xeon is 240w. I can’t seem to find and boards that are 240w TDP. Will this be a problem? I just don’t want to put this money and good parts into a build to have my Xeons throttled because they are running hotter than the board is rated for and not get the full potential out of these.

Any advice?



I had a few Problems with this Board, the PCie Slots are wonky at best, the baseclocking is not Worth it. Slot 1 2 3 are the ones with Strange behaviour.

But IF you insist watch out for the BMC Version of the the Board. There are two Versions a BMC and a non BMC one.

The tdp limitations wont be a Problem.

On the plus Side, Software wise it runs everything on hypervisors and VMs and passtrough i tryed Out.
Just keep the wonky pcies in mind.

Would i recommend buying this Board? No.

The gigabyte boards seem to work well just keep the vrms in check

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