Looking for a Monitor

Hey everyone,

Right now I have two monitors sitting on my desk. One of them is an Acer P243W, which I bought on a whim back in 2008. It's probably one of the nicest TN panels I've ever seen, and I'm still impressed by it even though it's not an IPS.

The other monitor is a Nixeus Vue 27. It's a 27 inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2560x1440. The problem is that the Nixeus came with some funky colors right out of the box, and I'm not sure they're entirely accurate even after calibrating the display with a colorimeter. 

Comparing the two displays, I've noticed that the TN panel seems much more vibrant than the IPS. The colors really pop, while the picture on the IPS panel seems greyed out in comparison. Despite this, it does seem that the colors are more accurate on the IPS. I noticed this after running the same video across both of them. The TN panel is much darker, which allows bright colors to pop a little more, but shadows and dark areas seem to have an effect on the surrounding picture making it darker than it probably should be. If the IPS is greyed out, then the TN is blacked out.

Anyway, let me get to the point here. I am trying to find a vibrant monitor that is as close to perfect as possible when it comes to its picture and colors. At the same time, it also needs a low input lag and response time for gaming. I also want a resolution of 2560x1440. Is there an IPS panel out there that meets this criteria, or am I going to be stuck waiting until OLED monitors start going into production?