Looking for a monitor

Are there ANY 144HZ 34 inch Ultra wide 21:9 3440x1440 Monitors out right now? I can't seem to find any in 144hz, and also I don't want freesync because I have an Nvidia gpu.

Just for clarification purposes -- Does that mean you DO want Gsync or you just don't care about having adaptive sync if the monitor is 34" 21:9 1440p 144hz?

It would be a nice feature but it isn't necessary. I was just saying I don't want a freesync monitor because I have nvidia so it would be useless with it being on there.

I don't think (I could be wrong) 144Hz is possible at that resolution without DisplayPort 1.3/1.4, which didn't exist before the 1080 was released. You'll probably have to wait for DP1.4 monitors to come out (I believe Thunderbolt 3/USB C uses DP1.2 tech/limits).

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Acer predator X34 is about the best I can think of.

Its 100hz, but its IPS and has Gsync, so IDK.