Looking for a modem

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a vdsl Modem. My Internet Provider is triing to set me up with a modem on a monthly base and I don't want to go for that, could you recommend a good modem? I've got a Asus RT-AC68U from a friend but I'll need a modem for it. (btw I'm from Germany)

Have a tek day.


Just get this.  Turn off the wifi, and bridge or DMZ it so you open the flood-gates to your RT-AC68U.



sounds great but sadly It cost about 130€ in Germany?! no idea how that happened...

any other ideas?

Wow..that is too much!

Get it from Canada for $72can at www.ncix.ca

Get it from USA for $53usd at www.tigerdirect.com

Not sure what shipping would cost or customs/duties, but this also




This one is $22usd and shipping to the motherland is about the same.  $40usd at the end of the day is not bad.  That said, I would just order it from tigerdirect.com, for it wouldn't be that much more at the end of the day, and it would be new.