Looking for a mechanical keyboard that is similar to the dell sk8135


I know most of you probably hate dell products, but hear me out.
This keyboard (the dell sk8135), has a layout I really enjoy and a really nifty volume knob. It also also very sleek and minimalistic compared to some of my friend's gaming keyboards.

I'd be happy with continually using this keyboard (maybe because I'm used to it), but I've recently had the pleasure of using a mechanical keyboard with brown? switches and ever since I've really wanted those switches in my life.

I've run into a bit of a wall in my searches though, many mechanical keyboards seem to have some sort of LED setup or complex ergonomic shape, but I can't seem to find one that is barebones with a volume knob like the dell keyboard I have.

Any suggestions?


Ok, I can dig that keyboard, but I'm a bit anxious about it being a blank keyboard. I don't think I'd have trouble getting used to it. Do you think it could throw me off a great deal if I haven't used a blank keyboard before? I'm a pretty decent typer, but I'll admit I do forgot where the symbol keys are from time to time.

there are non-blank versions. I however went for the blank version no extra controls like the volume knob

Yeah, I saw the non-blank version right after I hit reply. Whoops! It's a bit late here... I'm gonna put this keyboard on my list though, It looks to be a winner to me, but I'm gonna let my non-drowsy self decide. Thanks for the recommendation man!