Looking for a Linux-compatible LiveSplit alternative

I’m searching for a decent looking stopwatch application with customizable colors and fonts.
Ideally something more advanced, something like LiveSplit since I’m getting into speedrunning.
But nothing browser based.

I tried all applications in the tools section of SpeedRunsLive, but they’re either not Linux compatible (sadly, LiveSplit is written in C#/WPF) or in case of Llanfair too unstable. You can not imagine how I raged after Llanfair just crashed after 4h close to the end of a run.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried any of them under WINE? Typically these types of programs are ‘simple’, so I’d imagine they would work.

Of course I tried WINE. No success.

WPF has amazing styling capabilities which makes it a compelling choice for a dev of such a tool and why it is used for LiveSplit. But its rendering is heavily build on DirectX and other Windows components which makes it notoriously hard to run under WINE. In fact, I never came across a WPF-based application that works using WINE.
WSplit is afaik not built on WPF, but it does also not work. Other users I found on the internet had also problems.

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Previous versions ran fine under WINE, barring global hotkeys. Maybe use 1.6.9?


The source is open for the program. Someone just has to port it so it doesn’t rely on .NET framework and basically recode it with no dependencies on .NET framework and instead rely on Mono.

Otherwise, just port the whole thing to python.

I know I’m a bit late but maybe my answer will help someone who is also searching for answers.

Porting LiveSplit seemed like a lot of work and I’m pretty lazy. So I searched the vast land of the internet instead. Here’s what I found:

nwsplit made by Dregu on Github (sorry for not having a link. I’m apparently limited in that aspect.)

It seems legit to me but I’m still relatively new to Linux. The browser version worked fine so it is at least an alternative. Not sure if it is as good as LiveSplit but it’s the closest I’ve found.

Heres the link for anyone interested.

Thanks OP.

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