Looking for a LGA2011-1 Motherboard

Hello Level1, its been awhile

Been looking at getting myself a server for some services and testing with VM’s.

I have found a seller with some E7 4880 v2 cpus and since these are on the LGA2011-1 socket I can not seem to find any “affordable” motherboards or even a barebones system.

Wondering if anyone would have a board or know of any board that supports these CPU’s


A quick ebay search recommends the HP DL580, or a Dell Poweredge R920.

If you haven’t already bought the E7’s though, I would save your money and get a modern AMD system (even 1st gen threadripper) to get equivalent core counts and a significantly higher performance arc for a lot less money. Perfomance per watt is no contest.

I’m in the process of demising all my 2011v1 systems now as I can’t justify the electricity bills for the 10 year old kit.

I agree with Airstripone unless of course you are getting it at a great price.

I had an Intel SC2600CP with two E5-2620 CPUs I had bought a couple years back to help with labs for certification purposes. Decided that I would sell it due to not using it anymore. Two days ago, I decided to run a memtest and make sure everything was good…came back to find machine was off and not able to power on anymore. After troubleshooting the board went dead. Used old parts :man_shrugging:t2:

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