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Looking for a L1T in Minneapolis MN


A friend of mine is in need of someone (possibly two someones) who is interested in breaking into the tech field. He’s far more interested in personality than in what a potential tech knows. As long as the tech is driven to learn, and can work with clients. Everything else can be taught.

Apropos of the IT Pays Shit thread, this position probably won’t be the best paying thing you’ll ever hold. It beats flipping burgers, there’s room to advance your skills, there’s room to grow in the company, and you get to hang out with a bunch of nerdy people. (Geek Night once a month, pizza, soda, and lots of nerding out)

The job itself is what I would describe as pizza delivery tech. Most of the time you go to the client, though sometimes they’ll drop their computer by the office. There are loads of residential clients to help, and when you advance enough, plenty of business clients to help.

PM me if you’re interested in hearing more.


wish I lived in MN :frowning: