Looking for a KVM switch $100 or less

This is to switch between a Gaming Laptop and work PC.

All I can really find are VGA connections and the gaming laptop does not have a vga input.

Would like to get 1080p still for the gaming laptop but Im ok if thats not possible But do not want vga connections.

Not gonna happen really unless you score a used deal. I mean a good quality hdmi switch not even kvm is like $50

Could maybe piece together a hdmi switch + crappy vga kvm to make a two button swithc

I didnt think so. Was hoping though. How much do you think it would cost?

How many monitors? just two pcs?

Well there are two monitors but only one needs to be connected to both. And only 2 PCs

I mean this is as bare bones cheap you can go. (really not the route I would go as fixed cables etc, but should work ok)

Thanks …ill look into that.

If your monitor has multiple inputs, you can just get a USB KVM switch for 10-35 bucks. And simply switch the input on your monitors. Might make more sense in my opinion.

From my experience, if you’re running over 1080p, those KVM switches die eventually. The more monitors you have the less likely you’ll have a switch that supports 3-4 monitor set ups without costing the amount of a second PC.

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costing the amount of a second PC.
Or another monitor for that matter, which is why everytime I think a KVM is a great idea, I end up looking at a new monitor instead.

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