Looking for a iPod Classic replacemnt

Hey Everyone,

So since Apple discontinued the iPod classic in September my iPod has after 5 years died.

In the interest in sticking with a dedicated media player I have been looking into replacements for my player.  Even though I have a good smart phone I've always liked the advantage of spreading my battery usage over a second device dedicated to my music, and over the years I've a gathered a pretty sizable media library so would prefer not to start paying for a Spotify membership and steam of my phone. 

So there's really not much alternatives I could find, main one choice is to hit up ebay for a replacement but the prices are only going to go up and it doesn't seem the best choice to invest in a device that now will have no support.

So I've only really found two competitors!

One company called FiiO


But considering they have "more Sound Quality" as an advantage to their highest spec product the X5 I'm a little hesitant, they also seem to have no on board storage depending on SD slots instead which adds to the pricing.  They have the option to use the device with their own amplifier though, which could be a plus down the line.
Online UK prices including amazon seem to be around the £290 mark.

The other option is Neil Young's PonoPlayer,


This one comes with 64gb on board and and additional 64gb SD slot included and price is a bit lower at £254.
on price it seems to edge it(knowing relatively little about the quailty of either device, I'm in no way audio savy) but I kinda looks ugly and awkward, not sure how I feel about carrying a triangle around in my pocket all day.

So basically I'm at a bit of a loss as I don't really know much about either product. I've heard of the Pono Player through the Kickstarter they ran a few months back, but no real reviews from audiophiles being that I am not one myself I tend to listen to the better informed.

Just wondering if there's anyone here that has tried either and can vouch for them or can recommend an alternative.

That's a shame I was hoping for some potential in the alternatives.

Thanks for the advice!