Looking for a higher end laptop

Hello there, I'm looking for some help on getting a laptop that's capable of running the full adobe suite, without much of a hassle. And 3D moddeling software such as 3Ds Max. With an occasional game here & there, I don't want settings to be on ultra, just the capability of running games at a normal framerate at medium graphics, any extra's are welcome ofcourse. I'll list some of the things I've found on the web so far. Size isn't important, just something that's carryable, as it is for school. I have a budget of about € 2000 max. I'm also waiting untill the last weekend of august to buy one, there might be new releases in the meantime...

The Dell XPS 15"

The prices vary from region to region, and so do the specs. Because the page is in dutch, It won't be of any help to the majority of english speaking members on teksyndicate. But I'll link it regardless.


Alienware M17X

Dell again, however people seem to think that they are overpriced, I'm not really sure about this, I don't know alot about laptop value / preformance ratio's. 



MSI Laptops

Not really sure about this either...



Razer Blade

Claimed overpriced by alot of people, I tend to agree. Some people also told me It wasn't as good as it seemed. 




Seems okay I guess.



That's about what I found as of now. I'd be verry gratefull If any of you helped me. I've been looking for a solid option for a while now. Thanks for reading trough this one. 






look up clevo / sager preferably a reseller like malibal or xoticpc they are extremely powerfull and customizable with a lower cost than many others.

Okay thanks, I'll take a look at them :)

I have no idea about laptops in your price range but I have Lenovo Y580 which runs all modern games on high in 768p. You might as well consider that one and its fairly cheap. I can tell you about my experience with it if you are interested.

Basically you need something like GTX 660M if you want to play everything in low-ish resolutions and something better if you want 900p or 1080p.

If you want something carriable, don't buy 17".

I was thinking about a 15" all along tough. I am going to take a look at your laptop aswell. The previous commenter linked some intresting laptops however they were all pretty big to carry around. In terms of portability I'm probably looking for something in the genre of the Dell XPS 15, that one has a GT 640M or 650M, and its in a 1080p resolution. Therefor, it's probably insufficient.

650M is an option if you are fine with playing games in resolutions lower than native. But with your budget you can afford something that can run games in 1080p.

Wait for haswell the intel video solution looks to be as good as or better than the 650m.

plus lower power usage and one less heat source to manage.

Okay, that seems fine. I knew the haswells were comming, I didn't really know when tough. Guess I should look it up on google. Thanks for the help :)

haswell for laptops is looking less attractive the iris pro video appears to perform well below the 650m


and the pricing seems to be $1200ish