Looking for a high res LCD

I am looking for 3 high res LCDs something in the 2560 range

specs and pics would be awesome

2560 x 1600
only one on new egg. but its like $1000 and its only 30 inch...

theres one for a little over $200 and its at 2048 x 1152.

Go for a single 30", no need for 3 small ones.
When im made of money, ill defo get a 30 inch with 2560x1600

Biggest i want is 24"


Picking up three of these bad boys

i almost bought one of those but i got an acer instead

im just glad to see the prices of lcd'd drop, they have 1080p moniters for under 200$ , all pros for the advancement technology

I can confidently say that 1 30" would have blasted the 3 24"s out of the water.

For two reasons really:

  1. Those 24" while cheap, contain very very cheap panels(TN panels to be exact) so the viewing angles would've sucked, compared to the 30" which most likely have a S-IPS/H-IPS or S-PVA panel.

  2. 3 24" takes up more space and has those ugly lines in the middle.