Looking for a graphing tool

Does any one know of something I can use to input a bunch of x, y coordinates and generate a curve which passes through them, or near enough?

Depends on how sophisticated a tool you want to have and on which OS you are working.

I use python libraries for most what I do. Sometimes I use Mathematica because I have access to a license but it’s not that good for custom stuff. A free alternative for that would be WolframAlpha which is an amazing tool for research too.

A very simple but also very limited option is GeoGebra:

It all depends on what you want to do. Maybe share a few more details?

Also, what type of curve do you want?

Here is a simple polynomial curve with WolframAlpha:


I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. Basically I have a bunch of subjective data and I want to see if there is a predicable correlation between an input and the ideal output.

I see …

So you have a model you want to test against?

In this case you want to do a regression analysis or a “Goodness of fit”-test.

I don’t know any tools that do just that, but I have never looked. I usually use the statistical tests and implement them in python. If you want help with the statistics I can do that, if you want an off the shelf solution I don’t know. Finding good correlation in data can be quite difficult when you don’t know about the system behind it.

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This link might be worth a look:

I know some of the Devs at work use D3 and like it.

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Any spreadsheet application


That’s a good suggestion!
Haha, I didn’t even think of that, lol. Seems like I can’t see the low hanging fruits any more :grin:

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python using matplotlib and numpy is probably your best solution.

Do a search on youtube for sentdex and watch some of his videos, he goes over step by step how to set this up. A lot of his older items with this use python2 so be aware of that

scilab, gnuplot,qtiplot,kmplot, gnuplot-x11(command line driven)
to name a few from the mint software manager