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Looking for a good slider, possibly android


Mom’s phone is about to explode so now its my job to find a new one.

My mom is about 60 and likes tech well enough, but she’s basically out of the1800’s. She doesn’t want a whole bunch of happy bullshit, but a keyboard and a camera and the ability to call and text.

Problem is IDK where a smartphone with a keyboard is to bee found now other than business cellphones. HP and blackberry are the only ones that come to mind.

The other thing is I doubt she even needs a smartphone. My sister has just been on my ass about OWGOWG GET HER AS IPHONE TREND TREND TREND


Anyways need to fig this out. If ya’lls have an idea let me know, but atm the key1 or the passport from blackberry look like options.


My sister is being a slut and my mom’s phone is dying so I have to find a new one. She wants my mom to have an iphone, she won’t find, let alone see, the buttons. So a slider would be better.

If it can have:
A 5-7mp camera
A physical keyxoard
A way to retrieve pictures

Thats all I need. Idk where to look. Help.



Blackberry key 2… tho it doesn’t slide.



I have a wifi phone and when I am driving all I need is phone and text, no internet. This saves allot of money.

I’m 56 and I will never watch a movie on a phone…ever

No idea where you would look for a phone with a keyboard, like looking for a TV with a channel selector knob.
I would go for a big screen
Big screen=big keyboard
Your sis could go for the holder that your mom would recognize
Old people like stuff like this allot more than an apple logo
Hope this helps



The Blackberry Priv has all of that, but I’m sure you can’t buy one new. The Key 2 LE might be a better choice, but the scree is not that big and it’s not well priced for what it is.
Or you could even buy a Galaxy S8 and the keyboard cover to add a physical keyboard.
I can’t really think of any other phone that has a pyshical keyboard and could be truly put to use without being ancient.
There was a moto mod keyboard around on the internet but I don’t think you can buy one of those off the shelves yet.

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I didn’t know keyboard covers existed.

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I’ll look into it, wasn’t aware of a key2.

Actually not too much of a concern. Small is fine, it has to fit in her pockets. Womens pants aren’t work oriented for some dumbass reason so all her pockets are small.

No worries lol, thats 2 reccs in a row time to look into it.

STRONG consideration.



It’s an S8 specific accessory. Makes it basically like a Blackberry Key/Key 2. It doesen’t even need power or a connection to the phone. It just relies on the phone digitizer and it activates using the magnets for the flip cover (there’s surely more to it, but that’s the basic principle).

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Me neither I want one.

It’ll be integrated into my motomod XD

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I’d also recommend the Key2. It’s enough of a phone to support anything she’d ever need, and is affordable enough to be used just for messaging and call, without it feeling too expensive.

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Some options for your Mum.



Just so someone says it:
If you want to get her something that doesn’t make YOU a lot of work, go with an iphone. I’m basically an android fanatic. I LOVE Android. I’ve been running Android since i got my first smartphone.

BUT whenever you don’t want to be the tech support guy, get them an iphone. Android is awesome, but the amount of configurability, shady apps, the possibility to sideload apks etc, will all bite you one day.
You can’t possibly break an iphone (OS and Apps wise) even if you tried really hard.

Used IPhone 6S and 7s can be had for cheap(ish) used and are still supported with the latest iOS. Anything android will make you more work than you might anticipate now (speaking from experience).

Or, as mentioned above, a dumb phone.

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It literally has nothing to do with os, phone magic, just good cam and a keyboard.

She’s interested in the key 2, still looking.



Oh yeah, for her it makes no difference. Just from experience i can tell you that any Android phone i recommended ended in me having to do some kind of support. Especially with less common Android phones, most people won’t be able to help.
80% of people on the street though are capable of working with an iphone.

But what ever, in terms of your hard requirements: Good Camera <-> Keyboard. Choose one. There is no phone with a decent keyboard and a great camera. Heck, there are only a handfull of phones that have a keyboard at all, and with all of them you are paying a heavy “keyboard tax”. The blackberrys are great phones, but way to expensive for what they deliver. And their cameras are mid-tier at best. And thats basically it. You could go with something like the Gemini PDA, but i don’t think that’s what you’re after really.

The market has just decided, that hardware keyboards aren’t a feature consumers want anymore.



Not like I need 4k. 5-7mp.

Have we met? As in are you a new user. I’m unfamiliar with you sir.



Wait what



Not exactly new, no. I’m not sure how to look that up exactly, but I’d guess i’ve been here for a year or so.

I get the impression, that i might have come of as a bit rude. I’m sorry if that’s the case. It’s just my firm believe that, for anyone with no tech knowledge and a decent budget, a iPhone is the “best” or easiest solution.

I get that it does not fullfill the requirement for a keyboard. If this is indeed a hard requirement for you, you can only buy a blackberry. As said, they are great phones, but you pay the blackberry tax.
The cameras on them are decent. They underperform in low light but can produce decent photos with sufficient light.

Not exactly serious advice. It’s a great device and technically can make phone calls. Other than that, it’s more like a umpc.

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Trust me my guy you are a+. I’m too stoned to get mad over bullshit anyways.

But glad to see a new user, and you can see all that info on a user card (click my icon) or on your frofile.

And yes I see your passion, my sister is on the same boat. Problem is the phone is going to take a few hits and I KNOW a case won’t cower all of it. Its why I looked right at business phones first.

VS the basic user crap, we live on a farm here, so stuff gets rocked pretty often. The other thing is being able to feel the keys is important for my mom. She’s had a smartphone smartphone before, but it was ‘too smart’ for her. And I’m stoned and that won’t make sense to you ugh.

lemme mull this over a sec.

Well, my mom doesn’t like that there are buttons there that she can’t actually feel. Makes no sense to her and I know she’ll be fighting with me about it.

And yeah I get your point on standardization. I’we don’t a good job on laptops and network and not on phones, so now I’m here xD

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