Looking for a good Manjaro laptop

Basically during income tax season I plan on picking up a new laptop but the selection looks slim.

I'm liking the form factor/power of things like the razer stealth or yoga 910. But I'm having a hard time finding comparable laptops.

I was looking at system76 and thinking about choosing a Gazelle 15" or Kudu 17" but figured I'd post for feedback here first.

I haven't played with Linux since redhat back in 2000 when I setup dual boot.

So this will be my migration, I wanted to go the Manjaro route since they keep there packages on a rolling monthly update, I've been hearing negative things about Ubuntu so I'm hesitant on using it, and I know system76 primarily offers that flavor.

Feedback please ?

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I recently bought a use fujitsu t900 off ebay that is great for normal computer use. Has a 1st gen i5 and dual batteries. Threw 8gbs of ram in it and have an ssd coming in th mail. Would probably take a linux distro nicely. Was very inexpensive.


I'll keep that in mind.
I'm trying to stick around the $2,000 price point.
1080p, m.2, backlit keyboard, slim form factor, higher resolution Webcam and over 16gb of ram.

I'm not sure on video cards though cause I hear Optimus technology gives problems along with killer WiFi.


if breaking it is a possibility for you?
you may want a machine that can be repaired everywhere.
probably Apple.

Not Razer in that use case.

Otherwise, Razer stuff is pretty all right i have to say.

The 2016 Balde has no optimus as far as i have heared, but no warranty!

I have 2 broken 2014 Blades, and except that they have problems, they are solid machines!

Las thing, id go for the Touchscreen QHD version, both of mine have that, and i like it, and i actually use it. And you can get that one easier then the full HD version.

Breaking is always a possibility but I can always rinse and repeat an install.

I don't plan on breaking hardware.

I meant breaking the Hardware.
Sidenote, im still not sure if the problems i have with my 2 2014th, aren't software bullshit. (Low-Level)

To be honest, the 2016 Blade 14 is what the macBook pros should be but thats just my opinion.
Unlike Apple, Razer hasn't made anything harder for me / you.

Only downsides are 1 Year Warranty, maybe you try to get your credit card company to pay for the 2nd year.
If your out of warranty, game over.

Core 2 duo with a 9800M and up and you'll be good.


We should ban Aremis until he sells his old crap for something new.


@Tjj226_Angel @FaunCB

The more I read this thread, the more dated I feel Linux hardware systems seem.

It shouldn't be this way.

I may have to wait and see what Q1 2017 brings to market...

NOOOOOOOO !!! Not @FaunCB :)

I now feel somewhat loved x3

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What precisely are you looking at doing in the laptop? (ie. Development, Gaming, Generalized Fun, Video Editing). I ask, because if you aren't trying to play extremely high-end games, or 2K video editing (and above), I've heard good things about the Venom Blackpool Zero line. They have amazing specifications without a video card, and are super light.

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For the record, System76 is a very good option. I wouldn't go with anything that comes with Windows on it.


It encourages companies to keep putting Windows on their machines. If people start buying systems with no OS or with Linux on it, you might see more companies doing what Dell does with their Sputnik project or whatever they call it.

Call me a zealot, whatever. I recommend something built for Linux.

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any dell inspiron laptop will work great. just replace the wifi card and you'll be set.

There are other problems with Inspirons. That said, for the price, the Kudu is a good machine. (hard to find a sub $1000 17in laptop that's decent)

I think @AK_Encryptor was on to something though. We need to know your workload before we can give you exact suggestions.

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i've been using my inspiron for about a year with Arch Linux. after replacing the Wi-Fi card all has been well. plus its rare to find a machine with replacable hardware, the RAM, SSD, Wi-Fi card are all upgradeable. and the battery is replacable.

True. The one thing I don't like about my XPS 13 is the ram.

I've just found dell to be really hit or miss with quality of the inspirons.

2015 macbook pro or the gigabyte aero 14.

My workload is random, I do a little of everything.
I might stream, video edit, game, or program.
Allot of times I'm doing web programming and photo editing.