Looking for a good L shaped desk

Does anyone have any recommendations? I want an L shaped desk so I can have easy acces to the back of all my hardware. As well as easy access to all sides of my PC. I didn't know where to post this topic so I put it here in Build a PC since once you build a PC it is likely you will need a desk for it. I am tired of my current desk which is one of the standard monitor on top and tower on the bottom side with no easy acces to it other than pulling it all the way out from it's cubby hole.

I got mine at walmart for like 80 bucks... not a bad desk. It has lasted me awhile

Can you tell me what brand and model you got at walmart? Pretty please? I'm kind of shopping around at this point to see what kind of money I will be spending on a new desk. I was even thinking I could find something that I could just line up to the right of my current desk to make my own L shaped desk. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

If you have a couple bucks, hire a custom woodworker and tell him/her what you want and you will not be dissapointed :D

Any other thoughts?

Not sure what area you live in but look around for used commercial furniture stores. I got mine for a steal and it is “real office” furniture. Mine came out of an insurance company’s office that closed up and this used store purchased all their furniture. The quality is 10X what you would get at Staples or someone like that.



Here is a link to a picture of my desk.  http://s1292.beta.photobucket.com/user/evo80ci/media/DSC01385_zpsf2d7dc6c.jpg.html



Hey Evo80ci, what are the measurements of that desk?

The desk is 6' center to ends and 23 1/4" deep. It also has 4 drawers and one file cabinet drawer buit in.

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