Looking for a good driver website

Hey guys,

I'm a tech for couple of schools with many computers and just as many devices. I'm looking for a comprehensive driver website and I dont mind a sunscription. All the ones I've found so far dont look trust worthy.

Thanks guys.

Very few of them are. Try the manufacturer's website. Usually the best place. Keep the installers and create your own database.

I don't really trust any third party driver websites.  

I used PCI database the other day, I was reformatting a laptop and needed to know what chipset was in the WiFi card, I went to the Toshiba web site but there were drivers for 3 different cards chipsets for the 1 laptop

I ALWAYS use manufaturers websites for drivers. Less chance of getting a corrupt file and no toolbar bullshit.

Yeah, I always have that issue with Windows. With linux, you can usually find out with the lspci command. Alternatively, you could just crack it open (figuratively, of course) and look at the label on the chip.

or try a program like driver genius :)