Looking for a good chassis to expand homelab

I am in Canada and that puts me in a pickle as good deals on parts are really rare. I am expanding my lab storage and was looking for 3u 16bay but a 4u 24bay is fine too. The obvious options were supermicro 836 or 846 but with shipping from US it puts those around 850$ Cad which is a bit too steep for me. Currently the chassis is only going to be used as a jbod but I will be converting it into a white box build in the future. Sas backplane is necessary as it will be populated with used Seagate constellations from eBay. Any help is greatly appriciated

I read good things on Rosewell chassis and a fair few folk use those for home-lab usage. However, given that’s a US based company, you’re running into the same issues with shipping. Other options include, but not limited to, Dell, HP, IBM et all, probably best bought pre-owned. I’m sure there’s a local University or College upgrading their IT that might sell you one or more of their old servers.


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The cheaper 4u NAS from Rosewills are from ODMs, so they are generic:

These guys sell from Alibaba/Aliexpress so you can check pricing there too.