Looking for a good beginner case

so im helping my GF build her first rig. and im looking to keep it as simple as possible. the first time i put together a rig i had to rerun the wires in the back twice (im garbage at wire routing i have no patience) and to this day im still pretty bad at cable routing and id like to avoid spending hours rewireing it to make the back pannel fit. 

so i was wondering whats a really good/easy to wire case for somone whoes never wired up a case before. preferrably one with a lot of space in the back for wires and please no full tower cases she needs this rig to be able to move from her dorm to her house on vacations and stuff.

Just did a build with a bitfenix Shinobi, i was pretty impressed with how much room was behind the mobo. Needed to add 2 front fans, but was a pretty easy build in a pretty good case.

I just built my first rig a few weeks ago with the NZXT Source 210 (Mid-Tower). It was pretty easy. There's also a pretty decent amount of space for routing, but it all comes down to the length of wire on the PSU.

I'm also told the Rosewill Blackhawk has an inch of space for cable routing.

Fractal Design R4 has a bit more space for cable routing IIRC.  It's a a bit wider than the earlier revisions.

I like to make an unrecomendation, dont get her the HAF 932, literally squeezing the damn case shut. The 922/XM seem good. 

300R looks good as well