Looking for a Gaming Keyboard

Lately I've been wanting a nice gaming keyboard; something preferably below the $100 range...up to $120 depending on the features.

- I'm looking for something that's preferably LED backlit, BLUE or WHITE (doesn't have to be backlit though)

- Is quiet or silent

- And has tactile feedback. (I heard the cherry MX browns are nice as well as the reds)


Anyone have something like the described this or can recommend something like it?

If you want tactile and quite go for MX Browns.  Also adding orings will help with noise.



HOLY CRAP! You can add o-rings to make them quieter?! Wow! I had no idea! Thanks, I'll look into this keyboard.

Your best bet with this is going with Browns and then getting a set of dampeners. The browns are fairly quiet considering the Blues and Greens are other tactile switches being quite loud.

My suggestions are:

Coolermaster Quickfire Pro (Red LED though) Full key

Coolermaster Quickfire XT (full key) or Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid (ten keyless) [Both in that link]

Coolermaster Quickfire TK (compact design with White LED) Availability seems iffy with these though

[I can't suggest any other Mechanical keyboards at this price point because I don't know any others in that price range other than these. Duckys, Filco, DasKeyboards, and MaxKeyboards are all very good but also roughly $20-50 out of your budget]

and you can grab some dampeners [Here] and you'll have noticeably softer, quieter keys.


Bit out of your range but i've got an g19s from logitech

isn't mechanical but it is awesome and you do feel feedback when you'd press it

I'm really liking the quickfire XT and TK. I'm preferring the XT because it is a full size keyboard, however my local Fry's electronics sells only the TK and not the XT. Hopefully they have one on display that I can test it out so I can decide better.

The XT has blue LEDs correct?

I believe the XT don't have LED if they do only in red, but with the TK you do and browns have white LED.

If you can on the very rare chance find the Logitech G710+ on sale for under $150 it is browns, some how they made them sound quieter in the construction, and they have White LEDS along with one line of macro keys. awesome keyboard but it's generally around $150+

The Quickfire XT Stealth is also really nice, and it has front printed keys instead of top printed. So it's really sleek and elegant. 

To get Blue or White LED you'd have to look at Ducky and I think Corsair has Blue LED on one of their K70 models.

K70 with Browns and Blue LED $130 though

What's the point when you can get a mechanical keyboard, with more functionality and macro keys, for cheaper?

Rare chance? I laugh at rare chance! I just found it on newegg for $10 off and with an extra $14 dollars off with the promo code. 

All told, with free shipping and after taxes $137.33 Muahahaha, it's such a good deal I'm 85% ready to pull the trigger!

Ya I have those O rings on my Rosewill Rk9000 with MX blacks and its really quiet almost like a membrane but the MX blacks are way more consistent and the keyboard is higher quality.  My friend but them on his MX blues and it helps a lot actually.

The G19s looks nice, but it's way overkill for me. I don't even use macro keys.....well, at least I haven't found a use for the yet.

I just want something that looks sleek, is functional for my purposes and feels nice. 

So I was able to go to fry's and actually test out a Cherry MX brown keyboard, the Logitech G710+ to be exact (all open box for some reason) and they felt very light, however, they did not have enough of a tactile feel as I was hoping for, so now I'm trying to consider other options.

From my research, it seems the that the blue switches offer the most tactile feel of all the switches, but are also the loudest. I heard that the cherry clears have more of a tactile feel than the browns but are rare to find due to that the feel of the switch approaches that of a rubber dome switch and since rubber domes are less expensive, the clears kind of become irrelevant.

Anyone have a rubber dome keyboard or have tried/used one and can give me a comparison to the cherry switches?

Edit: It seems that rubber dome keys are quite common. I'm probably using one right now.

So I went with the Tt esports Poseidon Z fully back-lit keyboard with cherry MX blue.


I went with the blue switches for the better tactile feedback and I bought the o-rings Hikage suggested.

Thanks for helping me make my choice everyone!

I don't generally see US newegg because Canada. I've seen that keyboard on sale once for $130 at NCIX during a Boxing Day sale.

Let us know your impressions on the build quality of the Tt board, I don't have any good experiences with their stuff but they have done a total revamp on their line up.

I've felt MX Clears once and they're literally perfect for me, because I'm used to browns but wish for a more tactile feel like my blues on my TK. Too bad they're rare. But CM is trying to expand their switch options, introducing green was a massive step, and if they follow that it's likely clears or whites next. Along with their rumored Topre partnership.

Definitely! It arrived today so I'll run home during my lunch break and pick it up to try it out at work. Unfortunately the o-rings don't come in until tomorrow so I'll have to wait to dampen the sound.

So far, I've heard nothing but praise about this keyboard so I'm excited to try it out.

There is some confusion about the switches though, everyone and every site that I've seen say they are cherry mx switches when apparently they are Kale/Khale blue switches, which explains why they are so cheap. 

No one has complained about the feel or that there is a difference. So we'll see.

We probably have the same preference in keyboard tactile feel so I hope these blue switches live up to the expectation.

Ok, so initial report! I'm going to write about the most important aspect to me, and that's how the keyboard feels.

I have to say that it feels quite satisfying to type on this keyboard. I love the tactile feedback of every click! They are definitely softer than most keyboards that I've used in the past, but I also feel a very light push when the keys are coming back up. It's just an observation, nothing necessarily good or bad. It takes some getting used to the feel but I think I'll get used to it very quickly. Also, I feel that I type bit faster with this keyboard as well.

The only con that I can think of is that the key board is quite a bit loud. But I knew that going in since these are the blue switches. But I'll install the O-rings to dampen the sound as I said earlier in the thread.

All in all, a complete pleasure use! I love it!!!!!!  :D


Nice! Glad you're happy with your keyboard.

Well.....I am for the most part, but I just made a recent discovery. So I just got back form bestbuy, I was looking for a wrist rest for the new keyboard since my last one was super thin, and I went in to the gaming keyboard department and I saw the Razer Tartarus. I decided just to see if that also had mechanical keys, I was just curious. So I tried out the keys and my fingers experienced heaven!!! The keys were almost silent and the key presses were soft with a soft tactile click (if you will). Then I read on the description that they were membrane keys!!!! Arrrrgggg, this is why I wish more store had more gaming keyboards on display to try out.!!!!!

I love my Tt Poseidon Z but I'm not a fan of the loudness, plus even with the dampeners they make too much noise for my taste, due to I came form a very near silent keyboard. The keys on that Razer Tartarus were PERFECT!!!!!

Now I wish to know what keyboards use the same membranes so I can get that!!!

sigh......why me lol