Looking for a gaming keboard

I am in the market for a gaming keyboard and as of know i have yet to find one that i like

I dont like any of the razer keyboards the lycosa is laptopish and the letters can only bee seen with the light on and the tarantula is too expensive and not back light.

i was thinking about the saitek cyborg but im kind of having second thoughts as they are going to release the new Saitek Eclipse III keyboard which looks pretty bad ass.

the g15 is too expensive and i dont need the screen. g11 is too fucking big and dont need all those macros.

i refuse to buy ANY saitek keyboards after using the weak ass eclipse II keyboard. lycosa looks really nice imo, and i love my g11 :3

All of the Saitek Eclipse keyboards have issues with dying keys....

Go cyborg : D I have it.. And I love it

try the new saitek eclipse III isnt that bad

whats wrong with backlit?

and the new razer keyboard is basicaly the lycosa with no lights and is only 50bux

so get that sexy thing

gaming keyboards ftl.

yah but its not available yet so i was gessing waiting for it but it seens to be $80 which is pricey for a keyboard

i just cant find the perfect keyboard if they made the g11 revised as the g15 i would be sold but i have tried every single keyboard and there are pros and cons to all why cant they make a perfect one -__-

@ urbanshaft i want back light but i dont want it on all the time and its laptop-ish keys which im very eh! about

Check these people out: http://www.maltron.com/index.html

Seems to be mainly for power users and extreme gamers.

This is the one I have


i thought you had a $20 dynex multimedia keyboard lol

wow that keyboard is revolting.


you have pretty much decided against all the best keyboards so.. just go get... what ever.. maybe the eclipse III.. but saitek has always felt cheep when ive used them.

I use that keyboard for gaming, it's too intense for web use, etc.

the cyborg is what like the most and the lycosa i will eventually get native to the laptop feel and its damn sexy

Get a microsoft sidewinder x6

why would you want the lights off on the lycosa?