Looking for a game

Okay, so I have a friend who plays a lot of Sims, and since their birthday was coming up, I'm looking to gift them a game. Do you have any recommendations for games that are similar to Sims? I don't think they'll like something too hardcore, so something more casual and laid-back is preferable. 


Sims the game, or Sims the genre (as in simulations)?

Star Citizen pledge?

Arma series

DCS series

probably going to need more info on what they have played in the past, likes and dislikes, age, etc

Scribblenauts?  Not the same sort of simulation as the Sims, but uber fun and relaxed

Sims the game. forgot to make that clear, oops! 

The Movies + Stunts and Effects expansion. I lost thousands of hours on that back in the day. I'm not sure how well the game works on modern OS's though.