Looking for a Game recommendation xD

If you are like me and love games like Stronghold and CivCity:Rome, Caesar IV. Im looking for a game with the same building techniques( were you gather resources and build a town) But i want to make an army also and take over other settlements as well( Like the Total war series). Anything ever made like that. basically a 4X game.   

Maybe Age of Empires?

Black and White two. Wonderful, although a bit dated, game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

OMG Right in the childhood xD

Awesome game MUST PLAY!

Thanks people looking into them. xD

Rise of Nations.

You can actually play in 1st or 3rd person, when you control your faction's hero.

Some of the later "Cossacks" series is a little bit like an Age of Empires/ Total War hybrid. It will only work on Win7. I can't get it to work on Win8. Grab the Battle for Europe edition.

okay i have a GREAT game for you. it may blow your mind. it's called Fallen Enchantress (Legendary heroes - expansion)  both available on steam.

it has ALL of the town/building manegement from a typical Civ-esq game BUT you can completely customize the soldiers, choosing perks, gear, appearance. you also have a king, that leads armies and levels up. strategic map, which leads into turn based strategy that could rival old RPGs.