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Looking for a COOP


Hey guys I am looking for a COOP for this summer and this winter. Was wondering if any of you knew of any positions. I am interested in doing something with C++ or C or anything with networking and concurrency.


and… where?



Anywhere works but as far away from Iowa as possible.


What’s your experience with C++, OpenVPN, and Linux?


I have done some personal projects and I am a TA for a C++ and C class because I did well in the course.

My primary operating system, I barely use Windows. During my internship we used AWS with an instance of linux running for the site we were working on.

I dont know much about it.


I’ll have to talk to someone about this. But I do know of a COOP starting up that could use some skills. There will likely be heavy networking involved, cloud, and Linux administration. The downside is, if it happens, it would only get you to Minneapolis. Not too far from Iowa. The upside is…COOP…?


Thanks I would appreciate that. Minneapolis would be fine though.
Would you want me to send you my linkedin or something?


No dog in this topic directly, but can speak from experience: Minneapolis (former home) is far better than Iowa (current home). At least if you’re not into corn and soybeans.

Good luck OP!