Looking for a cooler!

ok i build a pc for gamming and turns out i can not even play any game on it

when ever i try to play a game my processor goes to 80/85 C

room temprature is 37 C at the moment

cpu fan is running on full speed !

**These are the tempratures on idle


so please tell me which cooler should i buy will it fit in my case ?

which one is better and if i buy an air cooler will it not block my ram ?

**note I have never installed a water cooler dont know how they work how to install it so can u tell me how to and will it fit in my case  my case has 3 fan spaces which is taken by fans  and does water cooler needs psu or it goes in motherborad cause i am already short when it comes to psu ?**

my case is cooler master elite 310

my cpu is fx 8350

my ram is Corsair CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9

**Note my cpu is on stock cooler **


thanks in advance

I'd suggest picking up a Cooler Master Seidon XL (120MM push/pull). It's a closed loop water cooler for your CPU which you can put at the back of your case. Take out the stock 120mm fan it comes with and put that in.

As for mounting it to the CPU, it's the same as if you were mounting any other after market CPU headsink. As always, there are lots of videos online showing you how to mount it. 
I don't know if Logan made one, but I'm sure Linus has. 

how much are you willing to spend?

I would suggest a phanteks ph-tc14pe unless you're willing to spend the extra cash on a closed loop water cooler with a 240mm radiator or a custom water cooling kit. Although, I don't think anything bigger than a 120mm radiator will fit in your case, so you're better of with the phanteks. It will perform better than any 120mm radiator unless you're doing a custom loop. 

What Vortex88 said.

It won't fit. He has high profile RAM.

That's why I suggested a liquid cooler.

thanks for the reply bro :)

i am thinking to buy i just a question there is no air flow

and room temprature is 38 C

so will this cooler really work cause my processor is getting like 80/85C

on any pc game or surfing the internet

and are u on skype or somewhere i would  really like to talk to u

and sorry for late reply and thanks for all the help